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Our Environmental Commitment

From the very beginning, Way Out Wax has been focused on socially and environmentally responsible business practices, realizing that healthy products make for healthy people and a healthy planet. We actively:


In every stage of manufacturing, we recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and also collect glass bottles & aluminum cans to supplement our donation fund.


Resisting industry pressures to "over-package" individual candles, we work to eliminate unnecessary waste (we employ "minimalist packaging" and encourage reuse of all our glass & travel tin containers).


Our factory reuses packing materials in which we received raw supplies for shipping outbound packages and even the "new" boxes we buy are often second-hand from a company that sources "overruns" and other gently-used boxes. Other items (like empty plastic bags or boxes) are donated to businesses in the community that make use of them.

Support Local Environmental Organizations

In addition to our donations to social and educational organizations, we are proud to donate time, resources and candles to environmental groups in our home state of Vermont.

Use Earth-Friendly, Completely Natural & Biodegradable Ingredients

From our waxes, to our scents, to our biodegradable corn-plastic pillar wrappers, we work exclusively with environmentally friendly ingredients & processes.

Prevent Pollution

By choosing natural ingredients, rather than synthetic alternatives.

Meet or Exceed State & Federal Environmental Regulations

and are committed to constantly improving our performance.

We are proud to be members of:

Green Products Alliance: www.greenproductsalliance.com
Co-op America: www.coopamerica.org
Vermont Business Environmental Partnership: www.vbep.org