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Additives Commonly Used

At Way Out Wax, we're convinced that pure essential oils, 100% biodegradable and natural waxes and unbleached cotton or hemp wicks are the only ingredients necessary for making a GREAT candle. In our minds, everything else that the candle industry uses classifies as an "additive." The chemicals utilized by many candle companies and the "fragrance" industry are unhealthy to work with and unhealthy to burn.

Common hidden ingredients in candles include chemical scent enhancers (or "boosters"), synthetic fragrance chemicals and other additives used to enhance color and to give wax a lustrous finish...the only problem is that they're quite toxic!). Phthalates are a "family of industrial chemicals that are used as plastic softeners or solvents in many household products" and find their way into fragrance recipes, but are rarely disclosed. Many fragranced cosmetics and household products contain these chemicals, which have been shown to damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the reproductive system.

We are firmly committed to disclosing all of our ingredients and believe that in keeping it simple, we are creating healthier products with integrity.