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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your candles?

All of our candles are non-toxic and biodegradable.

All of our container candles (tumblers and travel tins) have a base of GMO-free soy wax.  We love soy wax because our source is certified to be 100% pesticide free as well as GMO-free and it is made from American-grown soybeans.

Our free standing candles (pillars and votives) are a blend of hemp seed oil, beeswax, palm wax, and highly refined food grade paraffin.  We consider ourselves a company prided on organic food, carpooling, recycling and caring for the Earth and understand and respect any questions about the use of food grade paraffin.  We have been researching this subject for over 15 years and invite you to please read more about our position on our blog.

Our scents come from 100% pure essential oils that are ethically sourced and grown free from pesticides.  All of our candles are free from all boosters, dyes and synthetic fragrance.


What’s in the wick?

Unbleached natural fiber (cotton or hemp). Never any metal!


How do I clean up Soy Wax?

Whether you spilled wax on your carpet or want to reuse an empty soy candle tin or jar, simply wash out remaining wax with hot soapy water!

Due to high oil content, wax spilled on clothing or carpets may cause stains—if in doubt consult a professional cleaner.


How does Clean Air work to eliminate odors?

Clean Air candles and room sprays are botanically powered by a synergy of essential oils to attract odor particles, attach to them and neutralize the unwanted smell. They are all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and incredibly effective! No enzymes or harsh chemicals needed—just nature’s technology.


What’s in your Clean Air Neutralizing Sprays?

Water, plant extracts, botanical essential oils and less than 1% soy emulsifier.


Can I spray my children and pets with your Bug Out repellent sprays?

Our Bug Out sprays are similar to our Clean Air Neutralizing sprays.   They are water based with botanical essential oils and less than 1% soy emulsifier. Avoid contact with eyes and any other sensitive areas.  Avoid if allergic to specific essential oils listed on ingredients.  Discontinue use if irritation or reaction occurs.


Can I spray my children and pets with your Clean Air Odor Neutralizer sprays?

We recommend using our Clean Air odor neutralizing sprays in smelly rooms, lockers, cars, gym bags on yoga mats etc. Like previously mentioned they are made from water, plant extracts, botanical essential oils and less than 1% soy emulsifier making them non-toxic and completely biodegradable, but we don’t generally recommend spraying them directly on children or pets (cats specifically are very sensitive to certain essential oils, more so than dogs).


What if I am allergic to soy? Can I still burn your candles?

Most allergies around soy are dietary and or topical and since we don’t recommend eating or putting liquid wax on your body allergies should not be affected.  We highly suggest checking with your doctor before purchase of any of our container candles.  If you want to avoid soy completely but still use our candles, we’d suggest freestanding pillars and votives.


Are your candles soot free?

There is no such thing as a soot free candle.  Unfortunately, anything that burns releases a minimal amount of hydrocarbons (soot), though this can be greatly reduced by a well-made candle. By using the right wick without metal and keeping it trimmed to the proper size will greatly help reduce soot. Candle dyes, additives and synthetic fragrances are the primary factors that increase soot and should be avoided (i.e. a soy wax candle made with synthetic dyes and perfumes will create more soot than one without those unnecessary ingredients).


What is your packaging made of?

All of our packaging is recyclable and or reusable. Our travel tins are made from at least 25% to 60% recycles steel sourced from a USA manufacturers with sustainability as a top priority in their practice.  Our glass also comes from American companies who are strongly committed to high-quality and sustainability.  Our tea light cups are made from non-toxic, 100% flame retardant polycarbonate that is easily recyclable.  Our pillar tubes are made from recycled paperboard and protect the candle on the store shelf, but should be removed before burning the free-standing candle.   Our glass tumbler boxes are made in the USA from recycled paperboard and printed with vegetable inks.  We also avoid the usual aqueous finish on them (which usually makes paper containers glossy) so they’re more easily biodegradable and recyclable.


What is the best way to re-use containers?

The best way to reuse tumblers and travel tins is to first wash out any residual soy wax with hot soapy water.  Our tins can be reused to store herbs and spices, office supplies (paperclips, tacks etc.) and other knickknacks.  Our clear glass tumblers are food grade drinking containers and make a lovely addition to any kitchen once the candle is gone.


Do you refill containers?

We do not have a specific program for this yet, but one is in the works, as we believe in meeting our customers’ desires and continuing to innovate, reuse and recycle.


Do you have a retail space in your factory?

We are a manufacturing facility, therefore not currently geared for retail sales.  We recommend visiting our website and using our store locator to find a store near you who carries our products.  If no one around does, we welcome you to purchase directly from our website (newsletter subscribers receive coupon codes often) or to find a store near you and see if they will special order.


What are your shipping costs?

We generally ship either UPS ground or US Priority Mail and all of our shipping costs are based on weight and destination. Expedited shipping is also available. We offer retail customers free ground shipping on orders that subtotal $75.  Wholesale customer are required to assume shipping and handling fees. 


What is your turnaround time?

We ship in stock retail and wholesale orders within 2-3 business days. 


What is your return policy?

We will replace or refund any product that has burn defects or other physical defects that do not meet customer expectations within 30 days of purchase.


I see you have long burn times how do I make the most of my candle and improve scent throw?

* Allow one hour of burn time per inch of diameter to allow the wax pool to cover the entire surface of the container or freestanding candle.

*Place candle in freezer for 2-3 minutes before using. Take care not to freeze or refrigerate for too long because it may cause cracks in the candle.

*See question below for more information.


Do you have any other tips for burning candles?

*Never leave a burning candle unattended and remove all packaging, if any, before use.

*Always keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch to prevent the flame from becoming too large and to minimize soot.

*Rotate candle 90 degrees between lighting and keep away from drafts. (This helps create an even burn.)

*Keep all burning candles away from children and pets and do not attempt to pick up and move burning candles with liquid wax.

*Always burn container candles on a heat resistant surface. (Candle may become hot and could potentially damage furniture. We recommend ceramic or other non-flammable approved candle containers.)

*Pillar candles should be burned in a candle safe, shallow bowl or dish. Votives should be burned in votive glass sized containers.

*When extinguishing a candle, dip the wick into the wax pool and then return the wick to its standing position (bent paperclips work best for this).  This helps to eliminate the smoke that usually accompanies blowing a candle out and avoids any spraying of liquid wax. Please be cautious not to get hot, liquid wax on yourself.

*Place a teaspoon of water in the bottom of votive cups to prevent overheating & to make removal of the spent candle much easier! (If you forget the water trick, popping it in the freezer once your votive is spent and tapping the bottom can help remove it as well.)